Adam Kohne

Adam Kohne, 4. years old in 2007

The Wheelers Hill youngster suffered a stroke while in the womb. Despite a seemingly normal and healthy pregnancy, mum Sally-Anne said she knew something was seriously wrong soon after her son was born. His right arm was covered in ulcers and was floppy. He showed little interest in his surrounds and his head was always turned towards his left shoulder. Ms Kohne said a pediatrician dismissed her concerns. It was not until Adam was seen by specialists at the Royal Children's Hospital at three months old that her fears were confirmed. "It was pretty devastating," Ms Kohne said. "We were told he might never walk or talk."
Adam has defied the grim prognosis, starting to walk at the age of two and talk at three. He loves his food, playing with puzzles, enjoys kinder and playing with dad Darren, brothers Luke, 13, and Mitchell, 6, and sister Emma, 3. "He is a typical four-year-old monster," his proud mum laughed. But the stroke has left its mark. Adam's right arm is growing more slowly than his left, and its use is limited. He also developed epilepsy and had learning difficulties.

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