Research Program

The aims of the RCH stroke program are:

 1: Clinical Program

 To provide excellence in clinical care through a coordinated multidisciplinary program.

 • All children with stroke admitted to the RCH to be seen by the stroke team.• Implementation of standardised diagnostic protocols maximizing identification of stroke, utilizing current best evidence.

• Implementation of standarised treatment protocols, minimising risk of recurrent stroke.

• Early referral to rehabilitation services.

• Family education and reassurance.

• Provide a multidisciplinary stroke out-patient clinic.

• Ensure appropriate community-based follow up. 

• Education to local health professionals regarding diagnosis and ongoing care.

• Local and national level advocacy, including support of Strokidz – the child stroke support group.


A doctor’s referral is required for children to receive clinical care through the stroke program.  Referrals should be made to Dr Mark Mackay, consultant paediatric neurologist, Head of Stroke Program, RCH.a coordinated approach.



Current projects include:

 • Health and development following stroke in infants, children and adolescents.

 • Attentional and social outcomes of prenatal and acquired brain injury. 2: Research

 To establish RCH as the leading Australasian paediatric stroke research program.

 • Maintain RCH’s major contribution to the International Paediatric Stroke Registry.

 • Involvement in collaborative trials.

 • Establish collaborative links across RCH departments, interstate paediatric centres and adult stroke research programs.

 • Establish a stroke database.

 • Develop stroke-specific imaging protocols to support clinical outcome research.

 • Establish systems of research and local governance to ensure

 • International Paediatric Stroke Study (registry).

 • Specialised magnetic resonance (MR) imaging – what does it tell us about outcome of stroke.

 • Delay to diagnosis of stroke in children.



For more information about the stroke program, contact:

 Anne Gordon, stroke research coordinator for RCH and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. 

 Telephone +61 3 9345 4288

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