Lisa Petch

Lisa's Story

Lisa was born a happy, healthy baby 21-12-1990.

The first sign of trouble was at 1 year of age. She had a seizure. She had a fever at the time, so we didn't worry too much.

Her behaviour became very erratic at 15 months old and  had a few appointments at RCH for this.

More seizures started from age 2.  Then started several tests.
At 4 years of age, she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour on the Left temporal lobe

After several different medicines....the first lot lowered her immune system and she needed 12 days in hospital to recover.  Three other lots of medicine didn't stop the seizures, so, reluctantly we agreed  for an operation to remove the tumour.

She took a longer time to come out of anesthesia after this operation,  but when she finaly woke, we saw that she'd had a stroke and was affected on the Right side of her body.  She has since needed lots of physio,  and has trialed several medications....all causing side-effects which out-weighed the benefits. Next, she will try Botox injections.

She now lives her life the best she can..She attends TAFE, learning an individual programme, she has a boyfriend, and learns dancing, which she loved before her stroke and is doing  a modelling course (mainly to help with her walking difficulty)

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