Mae was born four weeks early in June 2002 after Merryl broke her water four weeks previous. She came out at 1.86 kg and after five days at the NICU on a ventilator returned to special care for about three weeks with an undiagnosed unformed soft cleft palette, this was fixed at six months.

She was diagnosed with having suffered a stroke at about three months, we have not been able to confirm the exact time it occurred but suspect it was during the time after the water broke but before she was born. It effected the left side of her brain which is in turn has imposed on her right side mobility.

She wears an AFO ,(ankle foot orthotic), and receives daily physio through stretching her hamstrings and other exercises to her right leg, Her right hand is affected with a slightly diminished ability with her fine motor skills. She has received Botox injections with varying results.

Her prognosis is good, as she grows we feel there will be an ongoing issue with her leg.

She attends a mainstream public school and has integrated as well as any five year old.

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