Callum’s Story

Callum was a happy active child who had occasional Asthma.   On the morning of Friday 25th August 2007 he was not his usual energetic self.  He seemed distracted, unco-operative, lethargic and unco-ordinated.  I noticed his face wasn’t right.  So we drove to the RCH and presented him at the emergency department where after an initial consultation they advised us that they wanted to do an MRI.  This is when we were advised that Callum had suffered a Stroke.  He was immediately placed on a Heparin drip and admitted to a ward.  The belief is that it was an after effect of the Chicken Pox that he just recovered from.

Callum has been fortunate, he only stayed in the hospital for a week.  He continues to take his daily Aspirin, and has his regular check ups with Dr Mackay.  To the unaware Callum looks “normal”  as there appears to be no lingering issues however, he still gets weakness & fatigue, his speech has been affected (but is improving rapidly), as has his fine motor skills and he has some social developmental delays.
His outlook is good and he is currently attending both mainstream Kinder & Yooralla Outreach.

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